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Disposable Medical Syringe

Product name: disposable sterile syringe (screw with needle) Specification: 5 ml Needle size: 0.5mm X 38mm Scope of application: for suction of liquid or injection immediately after injection of liquid Main material: the jacket/core rod/needle holder/protective sleeve is made of polypropylene, the piston is made of rubber, and the needle tube is made of stainless steel Production date: see package Validity: 3 years from the production date Matters needing attention: 1. If the small package is damaged, the protective cover falls off, the tip is abnormal and the expiry date is exceeded, it is strictly prohibited to use 2. Please tighten the needle holder when using. This product is only for one-time use 3. It is strictly prohibited to use the needle tube when it is bent more than 20°; This product contains rubber, it is forbidden for people who are allergic to rubber 4. The product is only used by trained doctors and nurses